Wednesday, July 11, 2007


sorry for moving blog names... but i thought that i should start using this name since i have unofficially named a business. :)

ok before i forget, the new SU! catalog is out for your perusal. you can it on their website.
keep in mind that the catalog is only valid from july-december 2007.

ok, here's what i've been up to. i finally ransacked my old real simple magazines and made a full binder of hints/to-dos and another one as a cookbook.

for a friend's birthday, she had mentioned wanting to grow her own herbs... so i had this ikea tri-pot and filled the bottom with some rocks to help the water trickle through... filled some little bags with some dirt and bought some herb mixes for her to grow.

i found this on a website but can't remember where. :( a little pincushion made out of a 2-liter cap, some stuffing, fabric, and felt. it's perfect for my desk. i think i'll add some velcro to the bottom of the next one i make so it stays put on my desk.

lately, i've been making birthday - photo card. it's accordian style and it's like a mini-scrapbook.

went to a wine and cheese party with 20+ guests... needed a way to distinguish the wine glasses so... i created little nametags for each person.

and finally, i made some business cards and used a nice business card holder that i've had for months! we're in business folks! 2 weddings in september, a potential in november, and another one for september 2008. i hope they keep coming in. :)


saja26 said...

Love the new blog! Yes...let's reconnect next week over me at my work email so I'll be sure to get it. We should do lunch!

chrissy cheung said...

awesome, cindy! looking forward to more updates :)